December 20, 2006 | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, New York Post

New York Post

Listing the rescue workers and other 9/11 victims separately at the WTC memorial.

As a family member of one the 343 firefighters to be memorialized, I have reason to agree with Steve Cassidy, yet many civilians were equally noble and brave on 9/11 ("A Memorial Done Right," Post- Opinion, Dec. 15).

Old or young, rich or poor, civilian or a public servant, they were all worthy enough to be saved by the known and unknown heroes of that day.

Not indicating their ages or locations diminishes those civilians for whom so many police officers and firefighters risked or gave their lives to save.

Tim Sumner
Martinsburg, Pa.

I applaud the decision to group together and identify the first responders and the victims from the hijacked airplanes, the Pentagon and the 1993 attack.

But why can't the 2,000 victims who were in the towers also be grouped by affiliation or floor?

As the widow of a victim, I know hundreds of fellow family members who want to see their loved ones listed with their coworkers, but I know of no one who favors randomly distributed names.

Consigning these 2,000 victims to dehumanizing anonymity does not memorialize them. Rather, it evokes the anguish of the aftermath and preserves the victory of the terrorists.

Grouping the victims logically hurts no one and could make the memorial more informative and compelling.

We should honor their lives, not just their deaths.

Karen Lee
Great Neck

Cassidy may be thrilled, but should step out of his office and listen to his members and the families of the FDNY's 9/11 victims. Both have consistently demanded listings by rank and affiliation.

Bloomberg is ready to move on, but his memorial will be a huge failure, as it doesn't confront or acknowledge 9/11.

Janet Roy
Pompano Beach, Fla

The title of Cassidy's article should really be "A Memorial Done Wrong Again."

While Cassidy states that those individuals working at the World Trade Center will be listed by affiliation, under the mayor's new design, nobody will know what the affiliation is because he refuses to allow the name of the company to precede the list of civilian names.

He does allow the ladder, engine company and precinct to precede the name of the rescue workers, which is the right thing to do.

With a two-tiered memorial, long after we are gone, visitors will be able to humanize the rescue workers, but the civilians will just be a list of names.

Patricia Reilly
Staten Island