Libeskind's 'Genius': The Talent To Sue

July 20, 2004 | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, New York Post

New York Post

Daniel Libekind

THE ISSUE: Daniel Libeskind's demand for a "genius fee" for his work on the Freedom Tower.

Daniel Libeskind is nothing more than a self-aggrandizing architect whose presence was imposed on us by the machinations of Gov. Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg — despite the fact that he never won any opinion poll in the so-called "open and democratic" rebuilding process ("Libeskind's Towering Suit vs. WTC Developer," July 14).

Now he has the gall to demand a million- dollar "genius fee" for his soulless vision that desecrates this city by replacing two landmark 110-story towers with an ornamental 70-story building.

Andrew Oliff

So, Libeskind is suing Larry Silverstein for a "genius fee" for his design of the Freedom Tower. You know, the fake skyscraper that nobody wants to see built?

I say pay him, and then throw his plans in the garbage where they belong. Then rebuild the Twin Towers.

Then, on Election Day, let's also show the door to Gov. Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg and any other elected official who insists on forcing this fake skyscraper on us.

Michael Walker
Staten Island

Who does this clown Libeskind think he is?

The designs for the building look awful, and the pictures of what it will look like in New York's skyline are even worse.

This man and his design are completely out of touch with New York City and should have never received any serious consideration.

Libeskind's building is a disgrace and his greed is sickening.

Skyler Schiavone
Long Island City